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The only garments she wears at home
are ankle bells and waistbeads.
She loves being musical.
Even when she is far, far away,
her lover can’t help but to get rock hard
to the sound of…..wind chimes.

—A Story About Wind Chimes| Music holds Memory by India Ame’ye (via eatmangoesnekkid)

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Vile photos show the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border no one is talking about

With a spate of huge stories breaking in the past few weeks, you might not have caught the massive environmental crisis in northern Mexico that began earlier in August.

According to the Associated Press, local politicians claim that Grupo Mexico, a private mining company in Sonora with a troubling track record of hazardous waste violations in Mexico and the U.S., was slow to report a disastrous fault in its leaching ponds, which hold industrial acid used in the mining process. The spill released around 10 million gallons of acid into the Bacanuchi and Sonora Rivers.

20,000 people were without water | Follow micdotcom 

whaaat the FUUUCK


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For you, a thousand times over.

—Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via choichan)

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  • Boy: what that mouth do?
  • Me: leer la palabra de dios